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Well, I’ve finally downloaded my site (and its data) for fiddling with on my localhost. I’m playing with sIFR and plan on developing the front end effects in moo so I can have more experience with it (and to see what all the fuss is about the new classes!) The new design will include actual graphic elements (gasp!) and a much more interesting layout. I’d like to generate a fluid layout that adapts to the current width of the browser (see here) but we’ll see. Will definitely be putting Steve Souders’ ideas into practice as best I can.

The new site will also include links to my professional profiles, online and downloadable copies of my resume, and perhaps a Twitter status box. Yes, I’ve finally given in and become Y.A.T. (yet another twit). Love being able to update my facebook status and Adium status. (via TwitterPost)

Oh, and I promised Dan a new WordPress plugin for showing off random Flickr images. So I’ve got some work ahead of me. At some point I’d like to get back to Rails and Hooyip, but I’ve had to waste a lot of time on Super Mario Galaxy lately… (which is beaten, btw)

Since I’ve recently had to develop some reusable JavaScripted components at work (so far a nice nav, a simple tab control and a carousel) using jQuery, I imagine my next major post will be about how to recreate those. Maybe after that I’ll finally get around to describing the ratings widget I made for Point.com! Or perhaps I should start with one on an intro article on JS and move on to unobtrusive JS and bits of DOM. I know a few friends might benefit from such babble.

The new CMS at work (Tridion) is rough to play with, I really hope it ends up being worth our while. (let alone the cost!)

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    Moving ideas into the existing design one element at a time, and will follow up with their flow into the new layout/design eventually.

    Note the sIFR post headers. I learn more and more about it: sIFR links don’t appear to work in Opera, nor do transparent backgrounds. sIFR fails entirely in Safari, but leaves the original CSS so I’m fine with it in terms of how well it degrades.

    Have switched to using MoodBlast (http://blog.circlesixdesign.com/download/moodswing/) for posting to numerous services simultaneously, using it from quicksilver on occasion. Great stuff.

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