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So this is the first Linkfest, but I intend for it to become a regular tradition every few weeks when I’ve accumulated enough links to justify it. It’s basically just going to be a collection of recent links I’ve come across (some may be revisits) along with any commentary. All content will be on-topic for the blog.

Without further ado (have recently come across blogs incorrectly using “adieu” here in place of “ado” and it drove me mad!)…

  1. Ace I didn’t even realize Bespin was Skywriter before it became Ace! I had heard of Cloud9 via NodeJS Camp, but didn’t realize it was this far along. Thanks @davidmrivers for linking off to this or mentioning it or whatever it was. I know you hooked it up. Have to play with this at some point… anyone who’s doing so already give a holler and let me know how it’s going!
  2. CORS Have started working on mobile stuff at CrossLoop (via PhoneGap Build and Jo) and recently started using XHR for login within the app. PhoneGap enables this somehow via CORS (this is my understanding, please correct if wrong) which allows for Cross Origin Resource Sharing through the exchange of headers listing trusted origins etc. Really just got a brief understanding of it out of curiosity.
  3. Email CSS More goods from camp David, this time because I was dealing with weird rendering of images in an email (well in gmail anyway… bloody HTML email!)
  4. Keyboard Accessibility Nice little writeup by Jonathan Snook about keyboard accessibility in general and his work with Yahoo! on their revamped webmail client in specific.
  5. UNetBootIn after trying in vain to find a Mac version of this great little tool, I came to the conclusion I must have hallucinated it the last time I installed Easy Peasy to my netbook. I’ve also been barely using the netbook, after spending a night or so trying to install Mac on it unsuccessfully… cough waste of space/time/money cough Anyway the real deal Windows-only tool allows you to select from a number of different OSes and versions to easily throw together a bootdisk, be it optical or otherwise.
  6. Testing with QUnit a good look at where QUnit is now, which is a bit further than last time I was using it. Happy to see the reusable DOM fixture and the test runner UI niceties.
  7. PhoneGap Network More mobile information, this one is on detecting network availability using PhoneGap. Be wary of the inconsistent platform handling of reachability!
  8. Dojo AMD With the release of Dojo 1.6, they’ve started migrating toward a CommonJS AMD-based module format, and are suggesting using RequireJS or other similar libs for loading them now, but my understanding is they still support (but deprecate) old-style dojo.require() loading for the time being.
  9. Backbone Etc neat little discussion on backbone, underscore and jQuery. Most folks seem to dig on backbone, though others feel it’s heavy handed. I don’t know how I feel yet, haven’t actually used it.
  10. Funkatron on Twitter If you hadn’t heard, many people feel Twitter recently gave the finger to client developers, and this was Ed Finkler’s response to the bird-flipping post by Ryan Sarver. I’m happy Spaz already spirits StatusNet/Identi.ca to some extent on desktop as well as on my phone. It’s making the possible transition to a freer short-form social network much less painful.
  11. Appcache Facts Haven’t made use of this yet either, but especially for mobile it’s going to be important to optimize your web app’s resources. If you think there’s a chance you will be working on an offline app in the near future, do yourself a favor and read this.
  12. Flex Box The actual spec for CSS3 flexible box model, which allows for easier grid-based layouts with grid slices that can shrink and grow based on their parent and siblings. Becoming useful because of more-homogenous mobile platforms that tend to use WebKit with these capabilities already available.
  13. More Flex Box This one is more readable than the spec
  14. NowJS Cool stuff for Node though I don’t fully understand it. Somehow allows for transparent calling of server side code from the client and vice versa. Will probably revisit some day when I’m actually working with Node.
  15. And finally, Classic Me. This was from a site I had up almost 10 years ago, and for the most part I’m not embarrassed by it. Fun to see what I was thinking then vs now. Other than experience and broader knowledge, (not to mention a more mature beard and a fuller gut!) I’d say I feel about the same.

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