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So a few topics I’d like to blog about in the next few days and weeks but simply don’t have time to get into in depth tonight:

Productivity stuff I’ve been using:

  • PhraseExpress (Windows util for copying Text Expander functionality and JumpCut’s)
  • Cygwin (need to figure out how to run an ssh agent all the time without entering key passwords on startup of cygwin)
  • E (contains much of what I miss from TextMate but not all, and no working svn/git bundles…)
  • Sparkup (extension of Zen Coding, great for one-time creation of complex html)

Things I’d like to use or do:

  • JHaml (not sure how as we’re a Spring MVC shop at work, and I’m very unfamiliar with backend)
  • Lose IntelliJ (it’s bulky and I’d love to be able to just run tomcat from command line. Need autopackage knockoff too!)
  • Enyo for webOS!

Move toward HTML5:

  • Just barely started with this site, will be adding more and more semantic tags as time goes on
  • Using Modernizr for now

Projects I need to get back to:

  • Spaz (especially for webOS)
  • JazzRecord (interest in doing async still…?)

And while this is a paltry entry, I’m just happy to be publishing anything tonight!

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