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So I’ve been working at Hanley Wood for something like a month and a half now. No, that’s not right. I’ve only been working a few of those days. Mostly, I’ve been sitting, and watching, and communicating with others. There will be some “aint it cool” posts as well as some rants coming out of that experience shortly. I’ve got to first just get the ball rolling again with blogging! So, topics tonight: My new Mac, my wife’s Compaq woes, and my ongoing technophilia.

In the time I’ve been employed there, I’ve bought myself a 17″ MacBook Pro, I grew fond of OS X and the whole Mac phenom while working for InPhonic. I’m not a robot, and yes I feel gouged at the 2500+ bucks this hunk of aluminum cost me, (did I mention I also ordered a 20″ Cinema Display?) but it was fair enough I was willing to spend. I’ve purchased only one application for it, and that’s TextMate. All else I need is FLOSS or I don’t need it yet. I installed my old Cubase (which comes with discs for Mac and PC both!) to it and it’s humming along fairly well for a product that came out before the Universal Binary. As soon as I make something nice with it (or finish anyhow, I did start something tonight…) I’ll share it here and on DC Beats. (both of which are long overdue for face lifts)

Also during this time, my wife has lost her job, and has been spiraling downward emotionally. I feel terrible about it, mostly because nothing I do ever seems to help. To cheer her up, her HP Compaq laptop decided to break down, and it’s been in the shop since something like July 18. They claim it’s an issue of backordered parts. I don’t know that that’s reasonable to them, but keeping her computer for nigh on 2 months (for a broken headphone jack!) is completely out of all reasonable expectations. They’ve pushed back the “estimated date of arrival” for the return shipment 7 times (!) and every time I’ve gone and run down to the porch like a schmuck with a rapidly-reverting smile on my face. Every time I’ve called them up and simply been told the part is still on backorder. Finally I had enough of it and spoke to a Quality Manager about a week ago, and supposedly they’ll be sending us out a new laptop, with enough upgrades to constitute over twice the original pricetag of the barrel-bottom machine I got her before. (don’t poke fun, she’s not a power user in the least, and doesn’t need even that!)

We shall see.

I’ve been learning ever more RoR. (mostly thanks to the great “Agile Web Development with Rails” but also in part simply reading API docs, etc.) I intend to spread the word as best I can. I’m using it on my current project.

I’ve recently become a fan of, and have begun religiously using and promoting, Todoist. This is simply the best online todo list I’ve ever seen, has keyboard shortcuts, easily rearrangeable task lists, sub projects, priority and due dates. There are even a couple great Firefox plugins. Definitely not to be missed. I’ve also started using Newshutch, the best feed reader I’ve ever touched. Being an online tool, all the weight is on the server’s shoulders, not your machine. All storage too. I freakin love it. One of the coolest Rails projects I’ve come across. I’m also Feed Burning now, so subscribe already and boost my morale a bit!

Anyway. Time to go save the world and get some sleep, (not necessarily in that order) I’ve got another day of morning ahead of me before the blissful night arrives again.

Oh shoot! I forgot to mention one of the cooler things that’s been occupying my time lately! Metroid Prime 3!!! One of the coolest FPS-like experiences in a long time, and certainly the first outstanding FPS-style control scheme for Wii. Retro hasn’t lost their touch one bit! I’m on to Elysia, the second planet in the game. Booyah!

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