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Dude, I fucking did it. I wiped my whole Mac. Not intentionally, natch. I was attempting to install a copy of (let’s call it) Ubuntu to dual boot to along side OS X. I installed and ran BootCamp, everything seemed to be going well. I partitioned the drive to install [Ubuntu] and all was still well.

When I got to the part in the installer where [Ubuntu] where it asks on which partition I want to install the system, it shows a single partition. “This can’t be right,” I think. “Maybe BootCamp hides the OS X partition from [Ubuntu].” So I go ahead and run the install, rather than run through the long and involved BootCamp process again.

2 hours later (it was a strangely Microsoftian copy of Ubuntu, what can I say?) I find I’ve erased everything I’ve grown to love about this machine, and am thoroughly pissed in the pants. Fuming at the mouth. Barking at the tree. Whatever the current colloquialism is that the kids are using these days.

So in about 45 minutes I’ve reinstated OS X as the ruler of the MacBook, and it’s time to find all of my beloved software again.

Luckily, I have a list (note to self: Post list for the nice people) of all the Mac apps I love and want on my machine. Thanks to this list, and the Power of Broadband, I had all of these apps downloaded in less than an hour. I was moving along so swiftly I decided to just install them all and got on with it posthaste.

Another hour or so later, and I finally had my machine (essentially) in the same condition it was in yesterday. Only now I’m missing my iTunes library, which I’ll have to reinstate immediately! I had just spent like 4 hours 6 hours fixing it so all songs lined up in the proper albums, I had as many album covers as iTunes would allow me, and was going to wipe my iPod and transfer this new and improved version of the library to it. Guess that’ll have to wait.

Oh well. Least there’s alcohol to comfort me. And drinks on someone else’s tab! Sweet!


  1. Ana~
    Posted September 14, 2007 at 2:52 am | Permalink

    sorry about that dude…..

  2. Posted September 21, 2007 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Hey, least it gave me a chance to see how reinstall would work in an emergency! It didn’t take too long, my iTunes lib is back in full force now. Apple’s mysterious album cover downloading issue netted me more covers this time than last… go figure

    Next is to find the best way to backup the entire contents of the Mac, but I’d love to find some FLOSS tool for incremental backups…

  3. Ana~
    Posted September 22, 2007 at 2:18 am | Permalink

    Glad that you got your iTune back… –

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