Zelda Beaten Comments

 So Twilight Princess is officially under my belt! It took me over 62 hours of gameplay to beat, but I’ve finally done it, watching the end credits now. That final fight with Ganon is one of the most intense 30-45 minutes of game play I’ve ever been through. Nonstop physical torture in the form of hack-and-slash with the Wii remote. 4 damn boss fights’ worth of battle, and he keeps changing forms and techniques throughout. (ghost in possession of Zelda’s body, giant boar creature, Ganon on horseback with ghostly cavalry protecting him, and Ganon melee as one of the hardest sword fights of the game)

The ending was nothing tooo special (whoopdee doo, Midna is a beautiful princess, I thought Link had it in for Zelda…) but that game was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Only a few moments where puzzles were simply too confusing spoiled it at all, and they were few and far between. (and thankfully Gamespot has very good walkthroughs when you’re just that stumped you can’t handle it anymore)

Now I’ve got to get to beating my last few platformers/action titles I started and never finished: Metroid Prime on Game Cube, (1 and 2 both, hehe) Okami and Getting Up on PS2. Not to mention a slew of others dating back to N64 (and SNES/NES if I ever get around to beating ROMs and Virtual Console games) but the platformers are always the easiest to sit and play for hours…

Anyway I’m sated for now.

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