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So most of the weekend was spent simply sleeping. I had some strange (and not strange wonderful, mind you, but strange eerie, strange unwanted, strange…. dare I say? E-V-I-L) virus or what-have-you that had me nigh incapacitated for 3 days. Symptoms were basically extreme exhaustion and weakness, as well as intense chest pressure and seeming blood pressure drop that had me worried I might be experiencing precursors to a heart attack. (these were apparently imaginary)

Wed I took off from work to go to some quack doctor. (bad bad experience, I was shaved by the gold-toothed receptionist; Don’t ask. Or if you do, prepare to venture further down the rabbit hole)

Thurs I took off because I was simply exhausted. Mid-day I managed to get in to an Urgent Care facility that took some blood samples and mostly was reassuring. Also the funniest, coolest nurses and doctor I’ve ever met. Check em out on Rt. 1 in Alexandria, VA if you ever need urgent care, haha.

Friday I went in to work, reluctantly, and that night, as I was still not feeling well, we went to the Emergency Room of Inova Alexandria. Well, as it was a chest issue, I was brought back into triage almost immediately, which was a pleasant change. After 4 or 5 hours, an X-ray and another battery of blood/urine tests, I was told all is well and I must have a virus. Don’t you hate being told that? It always seems like such a cop out on the doctors’ part, but what else can they say, right?

So Sat I slept.

Sun I started feeling almost miraculously better. So much so that Sunday night I refused to sleep a wink. Instead, after our trip to WalMart I watched the newly-purchased Afro Samurai in its entirety. Excellent, excellent anime. Some of the coolest I’ve seen. Funny, occasionally touching, and very very bloody. I also played with Rails models a bit, trying to simulate what the system for hooyip will act like in the end. Very promising, how easy it is to work with. I love love love abstraction! Vincent’s binder from the Pragmatic Studio training he attended has been very motivational. I’ve never been but I can imagine how cool Dave Thomas and Mike Clark are. Have also been making use of The Ruby Way by Hal Fulton, which was the first second Ruby book I bought. (the first being Ruby on Rails: Up and Running which gave me a taste but isn’t the best-written thing in the world…)

Monday, thankfully, we had off for Memorial Day. By 3pm I was crashing seriously. I slept till 10ish, at which point I got up and watched more movies (Knockaround Guys, Hard Eight, The Man Who Wasn’t There) and whatnot. So a nice, laid back recovery weekend, other than the lack of sleep and heavy duty studying!

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    Glad the ordeal is over.

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