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Well, I may be the last kid on the block to write about this, but I never had cause to play with any online photo editors before.

Last night, Karen was working on her portfolio. (no link for now! Under construction!) I had suggested grabbing shots of her example sites with Paparazzi. This is an awesome Mac app a coworker discovered several months back and I had forgotten about until just now. Anyhow, so she had snagged some shots. I was trying to give her ideas on what to do with some images used therein. Simple things came to mind, resizing, cropping, etc. I didn’t know the best simple image editor for Mac (was thinking of Seamonkey or Gimpshop… but have never used these two) I proposed she check out one of the now-numerous online photo editors out there. None of which I had used…

(More Web-based image-editing goodness after the jump!)

So we both set to work trying out various editors. She tried phixr which she was none too impressed with from what I gather. I set to work turning this image into this image using a tool called Picnik. I really liked the interface of Picnik as well as its significant integration with Flickr. (and apparently Picasa Web Albums though I don’t have an account there)

I heartily recommended this to Karen and she has since made use of it… more images to come. The coolest thing about Picnik, to me, is that I didn’t even have to sign up to get to work. I was able to import my photo from Flickr, tweak, and re-export to Flickr all without logging in to Picnik itself. That’s impressive. And while it doesn’t [yet] have layers, masking or alpha channels, why would you really use an online tool for these more complex tasks anyway? As I write this I’ve just discovered that Picnik also has a FF/IE extension/bookmarklet that allows web image-clipping to send a full shot of a page you’re viewing in browser to Picnik for editing! Impressive!

I’ve also played briefly with Fauxto, Pixenate and Snipshot. Color me unimpressed. (at least, in comparison. Can’t knock the hard work of developers, but you certainly have to compare!)

So definitely check out Picnik the next time you have some minor graphic editing needs!

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  1. Ana~
    Posted September 25, 2007 at 2:15 am | Permalink

    I should check all those websites that you mentioned. Sounds cool man. 🙂

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