Hooyip Choices, Poppy’s Passing Comments

So we’ve got the basic schema and business logic behind validation of and connection between models in Hooyip. After a few more minor details we’ll be ready to build the front-end in earnest.

Those choices are basically regarding ID3 handling and file uploads. Aside from picking from the numerous .swf-based JavaScript uploader widgets (see here, and here) we’ve got to determine the back-end stuff. So I’m currently planning on using id3.rb (download here), which is apparently alternately known as “ID3 Library for Ruby”, “id3tag”, and who knows what else. While documentation seems sparse, the functionality is promising. I’m going to add to it/wrap it a li’l bit just so I don’t have to jump through so many hoops and can handle all mp3s the same regardless of tag version. For some reason development stopped back in 2004, according to what I can find online. This lib was simply more accessible and easier to install than the alternatives. (which I could only find references to here)

I’ve also made the decision to store our users’ mp3s in the db vs. in flat files, primarily as a matter of convenience. I can’t imagine having to manage thousands of files in hundreds (or thousands) of directories, and all of the maintenance nightmares if we decided to change the file structure. Storing in the db just makes sense. Now I just have to remember to make use of persistent connections!

Dropping Hobo and DRYML (at least for the time being)

Hobo is a great-looking toolkit and  I’m sure I’ll make use of it in the future. However, it’s got a steep learning curve and has a lot of bells and whistles I just don’t think I need for Hooyip. It’s also not been the fastest kid on the block in terms of parsing over my DRYML files, and I’ve only got a few. Instead of Hobo, I’m turning to Haml, another plugin I may have mentioned in the past. This plug uses a simplified markup syntax that borrows from CSS and still allows for dynamic content (and Rails helpers) quite easily. A companion language, Sass, minimizes complexity of CSS and enforces bundling together of parent-child selector groups.  Haml has performed excellently in my brief trials, and is quite simple to install. There are also great Haml/Sass editors popping up all over for Eclipse (point your Eclipse updater here) and TextMate bundles, etc.

Akai is back! More dog pictures for all the fiends out there in a minute. He was away while my great aunt Mar was in town, as she’s fantastically allergic to anything and everything. But no food allergies, go figure. Now on to the reason for Akai’s departure and Mar’s arrival…

Sad news I figure comes best last, and I have to report that my grandfather, Theodore Patrick McFadden, also known as Poppy, has passed away at 88. I don’t really have much to say about the topic in the blog, just wanted to actually write it somewhere and let it be known that we all miss him. I was one of his pallbearers. Thanks to all of the friends who came to the funeral and/or mass, (regardless of how religious you may be… I sure am not) that was real classy and very much appreciated by all.

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