Late night ebooking Comments

After knocking out taxes tonight I read PDFs for a bit. Okay for a couple hours. Finished reading the relevant chapters of Vi and Vim and can safely say that other than scripting, I feel well-versed in vim usage.

Finally managed to get pathogen working on my Windows work box (remotely) today, which made me very happy. It was all being held up by a problem resolving https versions of repo URIs, in that all my submodular plugins under bundle/ had failed to clone when the first https guy was reached. Be aware of this issue if you’re gitifying/pathogenizing your vim setup.

I just barely cracked the virtual cover of Stoyan Stefanov’s JavaScript Design Patterns but am liking the tone quite a bit so far. I’ve certainly mentioned elsewhere that Stefanov’s previous book, Object-Oriented JavaScript, is my favorite book on the core language, so I have high expectations for this one.

Very excited to see what happens with the new webOS stuff, though like many others I’m a little upset they’ve pulled the plug on OTA 2.0. Gotta check out Enyo over the weekend. If you’ve already played with it, please share your opinions in the comments! Anyone heard even a rumbling on carrier rumors?

I also briefly toyed with Jo, a cool [though in-flux] cross-platform mobile JS framework that’s easy to learn but fairly versatile. Hoping to leverage it (or similar) on a prototype app for CrossLoop Search.

Have used RequireJS more at work this past week and am very happy with the ease of use. Next go round I’ll likely throw together a build file. Right now it’s just CLI optimizer, and I haven’t tried the new node-based version yet.

I see a lot of hubbub (some of it bordering on unfriendly) on the CommonJS list, but I’m glad there’s more discussion of modules in-browser these days.

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