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I’d been toying with the idea of expanding JazzRecord into a full MVC stack for building Javascript apps, and I finally spent enough time thinking and obsessing about it to get some work done.

I’m calling it JazzFusion.

It’s not well-organized yet, but the ideas are there, and it’s going to be very modular. You’ll be able to use JazzRecord or any other data component for handling the database, and view templating will also be easily extensible. The goal for views is to allow simple string-replacement templating with a few macros out of the gate (for calling helper methods, etc), as well as supporting Markdown through Showdown, which I discovered thanks to Ed Finkler, author of Spaz.

The controller methodology is very much inspired by Rails (like JazzRecord’s models), so anyone coming from a Rails background will feel right at home. It supports lazy loading of views and eager loading of controllers out of the gate, with minimal configuration hassle. Control routing will be handled by another modular piece, and documentation will be available on how to easily override the router and view renderer, and detailed docs on writing DRY controllers with features like before/after filters and the ability to render/redirect from one controller/action to other controllers and actions.

I’m playing with the idea now of building a Ruby-based set of generator tools for JazzFusion modeled after Rails’ script/generator tools.

More details to follow, and as soon as the library is in somewhat of a ready state the website/Google Group/Twitter/Github for it will be made available.

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  1. Posted March 27, 2009 at 6:25 pm | Permalink

    Yes, I look forward to contributing to this!

    That Showdown is nifty. I can never remember stuff beyond paragraphs and lists and headers.

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