JazzRecord on Github, Plans to Nativize Comments

JazzRecord master repo is now officially hosted at Github. It’s available here.

Jesse and I have started to play with git and will be resuming moving forward with testing and refactoring things for the time being.

A short ways down the road, however, there will be a somewhat large change where I’ll be converting JazzRecord to be an independent library not based in MooTools. The reasoning is basically that with no dependency, more users will be inclined to accept it and move on with their app creation.

I’ve been in contact today with Uriel Kats, developer of another JavaScript ORM, JStORM. JStORM has similar syntax for some of it, but he tells me his is rooted in Django whereas my library is rooted in ActiveRecord. We’ve both expressed interest in learning from one another. I’m certain to borrow some ideas from his code! He’s got JOINs implemented already, for one, a major stumbling block for me! His code is also pretty terse and easy to read.

If you come from Django and are looking for ORM in JS, perhaps you’d better take a look at JStORM!

If you’re down with ActiveRecord, hang around. We’ve got some cool stuff coming still.

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